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Fucked Relationships...

...when things just don't go the way they should...

.. fuck relationships ..
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Welcome to Fucked Relations

Here is the place where you can post about it all... let those damned emotions go. Post about your breakups, your crushes, your friendship problems, your family problems, etc. Don't hold back, fuck them all. Let us know we're not the only one with these problems. Read or write, do what you enjoy. This journal is just for you.


[x] Please don't promote another community in ours. You will get a warning the first time, then a ban the second time. Thanks.
[x] You may write an entry about how your relationships are going well, but please do not go on and on about how lucky you are. This journal has a lot of people that are upset by thier relationships, and don't want to hear a bunch of other people discussing how incredible theirs is.

What should my Fucked Relationship post look like?

There is no "right way" to post, but if you are at a loss... here are some examples.

Example one
Fuck Bobby Joe for doing this to me.
Fuck his friends for never telling me.
Fuck my friends for knowing all along.
Fuck my friends.
Fuck me for caring.

Example two
I can't believe Bobby Joe broke up with me, and his friends never even told me. Why wouldn't my friends even tell me? Why am I even calling them friends after they did that to me? Why am I so upset about this in the first place? He was a waste of time. I need to get over him.

Example three
Bobby Joe's lame
His friends are the same
My friends are mean
I never would have seen
Why should I care
My heart could just tear
I suck at rhyme
So I will call this ending time

You can also discuss divorce, parents, family problems, frienship problems, or any other relationship problems that has to do with you and someone else getting along or not getting along. You may also talk about how a relationship is going well, as long as you do not rub it in someone's face. Post however you enjoy.

Meet the monitors

browneyedgurly is me, the community set-up mod. If you have problems joining, questions about the community, or other problems with the community, I'm the one you need. I will try to be as involved as possible in the community but the person you realy want for that is...

lindsay_marie_ is my good friend, and is the community supervisor mod. She is the one that will be reading the posts, helping me with the html and set-up, and commenting to many of the posts letting you know that there is someone paying attention. She is the one who came up with the community idea.

Thanks to fuckyoulist for the idea for this community. Be sure to check it out, the community is wonderful.